WS Rules and Points of Emphasis


2022-23 USSSA National Rules (Click Here)

8-14U AA World Series

Points of Emphasis

Jacob Hornbacher: State Director (810) 300-1896

Ken Stephens: Umpire-in-Chief  (734) 552-0473

Pitching Limitations

  • 3 inning maximum per day per pitcher to pitch the next day
  • 6 inning maximum per day per pitcher (8-12U)
  • 7 inning maximum per day per pitcher (13-14U)
  • 8 inning maximum per pitcher in three consecutive days
  • Any player that pitches eight (8) innings in two consecutive days MUST rest the next day.
  • Any player that pitches three (3) consecutive days (regardless of the total quantity of innings pitched) MUST rest the next day.
  • Exceeding the maximum innings allowed in the case of a double or triple play will not count against the pitcher for that game.
  • Any violation of the above pitching limitations shall result in immediate forfeiture of the game.


  • Once the managers sign it, the scorecard becomes official! Check before signing, especially the number of innings (outs) recorded by each pitcher.

 Mercy Rule

  • 15 run differential after 3 innings
  • 8 run differential after 4 innings (8-12U)
  • 12 run differential after 4 innings (13-14U)
  • 8 run differential after 5 innings (13-14U)

Once a pitcher is removed from the pitching position, he may NOT return to the mound for the remainder of that game.

 It is a balk if the pitcher, while touching the rubber, feints a throw to first or third base and fails to throw the ball. Feints to second are still allowed.

Time Limit

  • No new innings after one hour forty-five minutes (1:45) in pool play games. Ties ARE allowed in pool play only. NO TIME LIMIT in championship single elimination play which starts Saturday. No international tiebreaker.

EH or extra hitter is allowed. A team that starts with ten (10) players or all players (continuous line-up) in the batting order must continue with such for the remainder of the game. DH IS ALLOWED!

Courtesy runners for the pitcher and catcher of record the previous inning on defense may be used at any time. Such runners must be a player not presently in the line-up. If no players not presently in the line-up are available, the courtesy runner shall be the player making the last batted out.

Runners must slide or seek to avoid contact with the fielder. No jumping, leaping or diving over the fielder.

Intentional walks can be issued without any pitches being thrown.

All equipment, coaches, managers and remaining players must be inside the dugout area while the game is being played except for the on-deck batter. Yes, the on-deck batter may switch sides for safety reasons due to what handed the batter is at the plate.

Infield practice will NOT be allowed throughout the World Series.

Home team will be determined by a coin flip in pool play. Home team will be the higher seed (lower number) in the championship bracket starting Saturday.


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